Let us in or else

Peter Dunne and Jim Anderton are trying to get the High Court to force TV3 to allow them onto tomorrow’s TV debate.

First of all I do actually agree that the decision to just take the six top polling parties is silly when there is only a 0.2% difference. I have agreed with Frog that it should be 4 or 7 leaders there, and Peter Dunne is hard done by.

I don’t think there is any case for Anderton to be there. Most polls have Progressive at 0.1%, Destony rank highers in polls than them, and they are almost indistinguishable from Labour.

But regardless of my and others views on who should be there, TV3 is a private company. I think its is appalling to have MPs try and get a court to order a TV stations on a matter of editorial judgement. It is the start of a very slippery slope, and if the Court interferes it will set an appalling precedent.

I hope it can be confirmed that no taxpayers funds are going towards this court action.

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