The bigotry of Christian Heritage

Christian Heritage have put out a press release saying “Don’t rely on National for Family Values”.

To support their argument they cite from NBR:

Chris Finlayson is a lawyer placed at no.27 on the National party list (likely to get into Parliament). He is open about his homosexuality and says “It is not an issue as far as I am concerned, nor is it an issue for the leader or president”

and Leader Ewen McQueen concludes that National was not going to be a standard bearer for Christian/family values in New Zealand.

Okay where do I start. The sheer bigotry of attacking a party because it has a gay candidate. This puts the lie to their claim they hate the sin not the sinner crap. They think it is bad to have MPs who happen to be gay. Shame.

Then there is the irony that Chris is actually in court at the moment defending two Catholic institutions in a law suit. Chris is a committed Christian and Catholic. Do Christian Heritage even check before they open their mouth, or do they think all gays are ‘deviant atheists’ who want to destroy the traditional family blah blah blah?

Again ironically Chris actually did not support civil unions because he thought they would undermine marriage. Chris has said ” I

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