Oh these are good!

Two files I have received by email from different readers. They are too big to host on my blog, so have stuck them up on my Ihug webspace which I haven’t used for five years or so.

Firstly listen to this lovely song about six years of Helen. Very very well done whoever made it. Around 3 MBs.

Then you may want to view this anti-speeding commercial. Again very professionally done. Around 5 MBs.

Both are definitely worth the wait. Enjoy!

If anyone out there can host copies, please feel free and I will link to you. I am unsure how much traffic my Ihug account is allowed.

UPDATE: The video file was missing the last few seconds, and the audio file was corrupted. Corrected files now up.

One can also download from Berend (understand file and being bossed file) or Steven. Thanks for mirrors guys.

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