Tactical Voting

Che Tibby has a message for Labour supporters in Tauranga. To use her own words “give your candidate to the blue team, and your party vote to the red team”.

Her rationale “it’s bye bye Whinny while helping the commies get back into power”

She also notes “I hear from people back home that Clarkson is a top bloke. One who might actually do something for his electorate.”

I think it is highly likely NZ First will make 5% and be in Parliament. However if Peters lost Tauranga then they would have no safety net. And that would then give a huge incentive to actually behave responsibly and not hold the country to ransom if he does hold the balance of power. This is very much in New Zealand’s interest regardless of whether it is a National or Labour led Government.

UPDATE: Che is actually male. Read her as him.

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