Transport Scores

Pete Hodgson, Labour – 8/10

Positioned himself well as having delivered funding.

Maurice Williamson, National – 9/10

Maurice was in great form. Got some laughs and left no-one in doubt of commitment.

Peter Brown, NZ First – 7/10

Much better on this issue. Clear positioning.

Roland Saspford, Greens – 4/10

Was hostile and confrontational to the audience, basically calling them idiots. A contrast to the previous Green speaker who articulated clear differences in a respectful way.

Ken Shirley, Act – 8/10

Managed to cover related issues such as Kyoto, Very good.

Larry Baldock, United Future – 7/10

Clear and concise but came across unrealistic with his suggestion of a four lane motorway from Kaitaia to Invercargill.

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