Bigger Treaty Settlements?

If Labour make it back to Government, they will probably need to do a deal with the Maori Party. And yesterday the Maori Party has called for larger treaty settlements.

Now people may not realise how devastating such a move would be. All treaty settlements to date have a relativity clause, and it is on that basis they are full and final – if future settlements are in proportion.

If the Maori Party’s policy is adopted by Labour (and let’s face it they are desperate to spend more money so there is none for tax cuts) then this will undo every single treaty settlement to date. Yes we will be back to first base, and with no end in sight.

If settlements are not full and final, then public support for them (and the public do support fair, full and final settlements) will disappear.

This is an appalling policy from the Maori Party as it undermines all the settlements to date .This may be the worst policy of this election.

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