The NZ First campaign

While the campaign is not over, unless something massive changes the NZ First campaign will go down in textbooks as what not to do.

A couple of months ago NZ First was surging, and I was considering scenarios where they may have up to 15%. But they have blown it. Some mistakes:

* The stunt with the cellphones which made it look like NZ First would hold country to ransom again
* Naming the wrong people as Saddam henchmen and refusing to apologise
* Refusing to give any hint of who they might support
* The awful campaign billboards which just confuse people at to what they mean
* Refusing to take part in minor party debates on the basis they are not a minor party

The Breakfast TV panel (I actually started this before they were on, so great minds think alike) also just rubbished their campaign.

Peters is now promising that he will make his position clear. Now don’t think this actually means he will make it clear. He could do anything from merely say they will not join a coalition, to saying they will (like UF) offer support initially to the largest party. I would be very surprised if he actually names Labour or National as his preference. If he does I still pick Labour on the grounds that with National threatening him in Tauranga he is not going to then say he’ll support them.

UPDATE: Just gets worse for Winston. The National Front has endorsed NZ First.

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