Online E-Democracy Forum

InternetNZ is hosting tonight an online election forum and webcast. It is focused on IT and Internet issues with the participants being:

* Hon David Cunliffe – Labour Party
* Hon Maurice Williamson – National Party
* Mikaere Curtis – Green Party

Paul Brislen (IDG / Computerworld) and Kate McLaughlin (NBR) will be asking the questions, but people will be able to propose questions through them to be asked:

It starts tonight at 7 pm sharp and the details are here. You can view the webcast, propose questions and discuss it in an IRC channel and also vote on a poll for how people went.

I’ll be in the chat channel so hopefully see some of you there. Not sure of the channel server and name yet so check back closer to the time.

Oh yeah the politicians will be in Auckland while we are having a physical audience in Wellington where we’ll be using access grid technology (think of video conferencing with multiple screens) to link up. We have a couple of spare seats in the Wellington audience, so let me know if you would like to attend and I can probably arrange a seat for you. We will be on Victoria Street.

UPDATE: IRC will be on and use channels #forum and/or #debate.

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