Have chatted to Jordan Carter a couple of times on having another set of blogger drinks before the election. However as pretty much every weeknight is filled up with meet the candidate meetings (I swear Wellington Central has more than any other seat) there has been no obvious gap for a weeknight session.

Also A few friends have also been nagging me about doing something for my birthday on Sunday. Personally I don’t think birthdays are to be celebrated unless you are under 21, but best to be miserable with friends, than be miserable by yourself as you officially get older. And since I adopted the customary female practise of counting backwards from 35 (that will make me 32 on Sunday) I’ve felt better about it.

Anyway I though why not some sort of unofficial combination of the two. So I will be at the Backbencher Pub (Molesworth Street) on Sunday the 11th of September from 3 p.m. to around 6.00 p.m. Anyone who wants to pop in is most welcome – friends, bloggers or readers. With six days to go I am sure there will be lots of politics to talk about.

TVNZ will probably have their final pre-election poll out that night, and normally this becomes known earlier in the day, so that may be a wee focus of discussion also.

Oh free beer for anyone who has done an early vote and can prove they voted for National and Mark 🙂

For the benefit of the Chief Electoral Office, that last statement is a joke. I would never be so cheap as to shout just beer for votes!

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