God it is pissing down with rain in Auckland, and I am thoroughly soaked taking refuge in a Starbucks on Queen Street.

I had a meeting yesterday morning with the NZ Institute over their broadband proposal and figured might as well stay here for an extra day and a bit, so I can make the forum tonight on how to supersize the economy.

I figured that with most of the day spare, I could just stroll around Auckland, buy some from Borders, and catch up for a few outdoor later today.

Instead I’ve been running from cover to cover trying unsuccessfully not to get soaked as I get from one place to another. Bloody miserable.

The is Wellington was superb weather at the weekend. On Sunday had brunch at the Parade Cafe in Oriental Bay, followed by ice creams at the beach. Then we spent around six hours drinking champagne at Loaded Hog and Dockside (where by coincidence ran into Water Girl and a local Mayor who joined our table) and then Girl’s birthday dinner at Nicolini’s. Sunday was a superb day.

Wellington was still pretty good weather Monday morning when I flew out. But has been non stop rain for a day and a half. So much for being nearer the equator!

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