Novel immigration assistance from a Labour MP

Very interesting depositions to date in the case, relating to his activities when a MP.

Field asked Ministers to intervene more often than any other MP, and had a massively high sucess rate at getting Ministers to overturn decisions of the Immigration Service. So how did he advise immigrants?

The Herald reports:

A Thai immigrant says Mangere MP Taito Phillip Field told her to get married, then put her up in a rent-free home in the weeks after immigration authorities ordered her removal from New Zealand.

So we have the allegation a (then) Labour MP and Minister of the Crown advised illegal overstayers to get married, as a way to stop their deportation. Then he would house them for free (presumably so the Immigration Service would not find them), have them work for free on his house, and hey proesto his mate the Minister then gave them a work visa.

This is not yet proven in court, but my oh my it will be a fascinating case to follow. Hopefully they will also reports on how many of these people helped went on to join the Thai branch of the Labour Party.

And in a further NZPA story today, we heave of the alleged cover-up:

However, after Mr Siriwan went to Samoa on Field’s advice, the witness said he called her and told her not to talk to police about his finances or his accommodation in New Zealand in case there were problems.

So the former Minister was allegedly telling witnesses not to co-operate with the Police inquiry. Also fascinating.

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