Final TV Polls

TV3 poll shows Labour 2% ahead while TV One shows National 6% ahead. Important to note that TV3 was done from Thursday to Wednesday while TV One was more recent being from Monday to Wednesday.

Both have a significant trend to National. TV3 has had the gap move 7% in National’s favour (9% to 2%) and TV One move 4% (6% lead from 2% lead). Both only include one day of the student loan cost expose.

Anyway TV3 would have a seat allocation as follows:

National 48
United Future 4
NZ First 8

CR 60 seats

Labour 50
Green 8
Maori 2
Progressive 1

CL 61 seats

TV One seat allocation would be:

National 55
United Future 3
NZ First 7

CR 65 seats

Labour 47
Green 6
Maori 2
Progressive 1

CL 56 seats

I understand the Herald poll tomorrow has Labour marginally ahead. This will add to the confusion, but again useful to note the different time periods. TV3 is over a seven day period, while TV One is the last three days. Not sure yet what period Herald poll covers.

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