Hypocrisy Alert

Everyone will recall the furore when Don Brash stated “I think it’s not entirely appropriate for a man to aggressively attack a woman” about his debate with Clark.

Jeanette Fitzsimons claimed such an attitude would lead to women being back “in the kitchen”.

Then on the news tonight we see Jeanette trying to confront the person who authorised an anti-Green pamphlet, and she was told to leave by a security guard. And what was her comment? It was along the lines of how outraegous it was that a security guard was called just for a couple of women.

A perfect example of the hypocritical double standard. It is fine for Jeanette to play being a woman for political effect, suggesting that because she is a woman, no security guard was needed, yet Brash suggesting one does treat women differently is labelled being back in the kitchen.

I look forward to everyone condemning Jeanette for her back to the kitchen attitude!

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