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I’m up in Auckland attending meetings with Telcos on spam and on Enum so didn’t have a chance to blog until this morning, but no doubt by now most have heard of the TV3 poll which has Labour ahead by 9%, in opposition to the TVNZ poll.

I predicted the lead would change several times, but never expected it would be this volatile!!

The poll was taken from 1 to 6 September during which period the PM invented (sorry suddenly remembered two weeks later) claims of abuse from National supporters, and National was labelled as being behind the anti Green and anti Government pamphlets, plus there was some further policy confusion.

On the plus side, this may mean that the Government will now hold off the final smear this weekend 🙂

Next poll is NZ Herald on Friday and then SST on Sunday. I don’t know what is planned for final week except that there will be no NBR poll, TVNZ and TV3 might do final ones on Thursday and the Herald usually a final one on Friday.

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