VUWSA Election Results

Nick Kelly won the Presidency.

The Vice-Presidencies went to current General Executive members, Miri Duffield (education) and Maddy Drew (welfare).

The Treasurer is Hu Jia.

The Women’s Rights Officer is Caroline Prendergast.

The University Council Representative is current General Exec member Cordelia Black.

The General Executive compromises of Melissa Barnard, Kate McEachen, Joeleo Cosgrove, Christopher (CJ) Hunt, and Delia Timms.

Publications Committee was won by Nicholas O’Kane

The bio on the new President includes:

Nick Kelly’s background includes being kicked out of the Labour Party in 2002 for opposing sending troops to Afghanistan and interjecting Helen Clark’s conference speech. He is a current member of the Anti-Capitalist Alliance. He is a 23 year old BA graduate. He has been arrested, but not charged, three times for burning the flag, occupying Star Mart and for the incident at the Labour conference.

Should be a fun year in 2006.

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