VUWSA Elections

Well the VUWSA elections start tomorrow, and after my influential advice last year :-), I have been getting requests from concerned students as to whom they should support this time.

The official list of candidates is here.


The two main candidates for President appear to be Gareth Robinson and Nick Kelly. Now Gareth is by all accounts a sensible young man, while Nick Kelly is a communist.

However Gareth is being a bit greedy by standing for not just President, but also Education and Welfare Vice-Presidents. Shades of Muldoon 🙂

And personally I think there is a lot of merit in having communists in power. They remind us why capitalism is so good, and Nick would give me lots to blog about as he leads a weekly protest march against the Government.

So I’m leaning towards endorsing Nick, mainly because it may win an award for least welcome endorsement 🙂

Education Vice-President

Gareth would be a sound pick for this.

Welfare Vice-President

Jono Newton is standing on a campaign of accountability, which is going to be very important when dealing with Ngai Tauira’s requests (or demands) for funding.


Hu, Jia is the sole candidate and seems like he can count so a safe bet.

Women’s Rights Officer

I’ve been told Kristen Paterson is quite good, but as she doesn’t have a biography online can’t really compare.

Uni Council Rep

The very diligent and hard working Roy Baker is my pick.

General Executive

Don’t know too much about the candidates, but I am informed that commerce students are rather under-represented, so on that basis useful picks might be:

Jonathan Huntington
Jia Hu (Alvin)
Christophen (CJ) Hunt

Most importantly, vote – no matter who it is for. The greedy bastards steal $100 a year off you, so you might as well have a say in who administers it!!

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