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Don Brash has announced rankings and portfolios for ’s 48 person Caucus.

The last Caucus had 15 out of 27 ranked. This has 27 out of 48 ranked. I thought it would be the top 27 as that is the number of seats in the main opposition area of the House.

No real major changes in rankings in that the top dozen stay much the same. English, Key, Collins and Rich all go up (deservedly) and this pushes down a wee bit (but not much) Power, David Carter and Lockwood Smith.

Three new MPs get ranked – Tim Grosser at 17 and Chris Finlayson at 18 and Tau Henare at 25.

Major portfolio movements are:

Gerry Brownleee picks up State Services

Nick Smith gets Energy

Tony Ryall gets Health in recognition for his effective opposition skills

Murray McCully gets Foreign Affairs and Defence, supported by ex MFATers Tim Groser and John Hayes. One needed someone crafty to handle Peters.

Tim Groser also gets Arts & Culture

Chris Finlayson is shadow Attorney-General plus Associate Maori and Treaty. CHris has very significant background for all these areas.

Lockwood Smith gets Immigration

Wayne Mapp gets the great title of “Political Correctness Eradication”. That will be such a cool business card.

Simon Power has law & order

Bob the Builder Clarkson appropriately gets Associate Building & Construction.

I can’t imagine too many upset people from this. Some deserved promotions and putting in some heavier firepower for prime targets in Health and Foreign Affairs.

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