National’s Portfolio List

To make it easy for people to look up who the spokesperson is on an issue, I’ve done a quick list by portfolio – in alphabetical order:

ACC Paul Hutchison
Agriculture David Carter
Agriculture (Associate – Horticulture) Craig Foss
Agriculture (Associate) Nathan Guy
Arts, Culture & Heritage Tim Groser
Arts, Culture & Heritage (Associate) Chris Finlayson
Arts, Culture & Heritage (Associate) Nicky Wagner
Asian Liasion Pansy Wong
Attorney-General Chris Finlayson
Biosecurity Shane Ardern
Broadcasting Georgina te Heuheu
Building & Construction Nick Smith
Building & Construction (Associate) Bob Clarkson
Children Policy Paul Hutchison
Civil Defence John Carter
Commerce Brian Connell
Communications Maurice Williamson
Conservation Murray McCully
Conservation (Associate) Eric Roy
Consumer Affairs Brian Connell
Crown Research Institutes Paul Hutchison
Customs Shane Ardern
Defence Murray McCully
Defence (Associate) Georgina te Heuheu
Disability Issues Paul Hutchison
Economic Development Katherine Rich
Economic Development (Associate) Mark Blumsky
Economic Development (Associate) Chris Tremain
Education Bill English
Education (Associate – Early Childhood) Tau Henare
Education (Associate – International Ed) Pansy Wong
Education (Associate – Trade Training) Colin King
Education (Associate) Allan Peachey
Energy Nick Smith
Energy (Associate – Mining) Chris Auchinvole
Energy (Associate) Phil Heatley
Environment Nick Smith
Environment (Associate) Jacqui Dean
Environment (Associate) Nicky Wagner
Ex-pats Liasion Lockwood Smith
Family Affairs Judith Collins
Finance John Key
Finance (Associate) Lockwood Smith
Finance (Associate) Craig Foss
Finance (Deputy) Bill English
Fisheries Shane Ardern
Fisheries (Associate) Phil Heatley
Foreign Affairs & Trade Murray McCully
Foreign Affairs & Trade (Associate – Pacific and ODA) John Hayes
Foreign Affairs & Trade (Associate) Tim Groser
Forestry Brian Connell
Health Tony Ryall
Health (Associate) Jackie Blue
Health (Associate) Jonathan Coleman
Health (Associate) Jo Goodhew
Housing Phil Heatley
Housing (Associate) Bob Clarkson
Immigration Lockwood Smith
Immigration (Associate) Pansy Wong
Information Technology Maurice Williamson
Internal Affairs Sandra Goudie
Justice Richard Worth
Justice (Associate) Kate Wilkinson
Labour & Industrial Relations Wayne Mapp
Labour & Industrial Relations (Associate) Paula Bennett
Law & Order Simon Power
Law & Order (Associate) Chester Borrows
Leader Don Brash
Leader (Deputy) Gerry Brownlee
Leader of the House Gerry Brownlee
Local Government John Carter
Local Government (Associate – Auckland) Richard Worth
Local Government (Associate – Wellington) Mark Blumsky
Local Government (Associate) Sandra Goudie
Maori Affairs Gerry Brownlee
Maori Affairs (Associate) Chris Finlayson
Maori Affairs (Associate) Georgina te Heuheu
Maori Affairs (Associate) Tau Henare
Pacific Island Liaison Judith Collins
Political Correctness Eradication Wayne Mapp
Racing Lindsay Tisch
Relationships with Non-Government Parties Don Brash
Research, Science & Tehcnology Paul Hutchison
Revenue Lockwood Smith
Revenue (Associate) Pansy Wong
Rural Liasion Shane Ardern
Senior Citizens Sandra Goudie
Senior Citizens Liasion Nathan Guy
SIS Don Brash
Small Business Liasion Chris Tremain
SOEs Katherine Rich
Sport & Recreation Murray McCully
Sport & Recreation (Associate) Eric Roy
State Services Gerry Brownlee
Statistics Brian Connell
Tourism David Carter
Tourism (Associate) Chris Auchinvole
Transport Maurice Williamson
Transport (Associate) David Bennett
Treaty of Waitangi Issues Gerry Brownlee
Treaty of Waitangi Issues (Associate) Chris Finlayson
Treaty of Waitangi Issues (Associate) Georgina te Heuheu
Treaty of Waitangi Issues (Associate) Tau Henare
Veterans’ Affairs Judith Collins
Welfare Judith Collins
Welfare (Associate – CYPFS) Anne Tolley
Welfare (Associate) Paula Bennett
Welfare (Associate) Chester Borrows
Whip (Chief) Lindsay Tisch
Whip (Junior) Anne Tolley
Women Liasion Jackie Blue
Youth Affairs Nicky Wagner
Youth Liasion Katherine Rich

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