Ten examples of political corectness

NZPA has a useful article on the political corectness debate. to add to it, here’s ten examples off the top of my head:

1) Former Labour MP Lesley Soper calling for maiden speeches to be renamed.

2) Helen Clark refusing to allow grace to be said for the Queen (and Head of Church of England) but agreeing to enter a Mosque through the women only back door.

3) Michael Cullen’s only comment on the new shadow attorney-general being on his sexual orientation.

4) Instructions to (Australian) police to treat muslims differently in cases of domestic violence.

5) Allowing publicly funded organisations to ban women from premises on the grounds of Maori culture.

6) Banning (in Ireland) the word “brainstorming” because the term might offend people with epilepsy as well those with brain tumors or brain injuries

7) Proposing that 50% of the Aids Foundation Board must be Maori.

8) Changing the qualifications system so that only sucesses, not failures (or deferred sucesses as proposed to be called in the UK) are recorded.

9) Advocating for bullet points to be called dot points as bullets have a militaristic connotation.

10) Seatoun School banning a popular lunchtime religious meeting.

I should enter these into a pc wiki at some stage!

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