Electorate Split Voting Statistics

I’m not going to review all 69 electorates, but interesting to look at a few of them.

In Tauranga Bob Clarkson got 19% of Labour voters and 69% of National voters. Peters got 40% of Labour voters, 26% of National voters and 93% of NZ First voters. Only 31% of Labour voters voted for the Labour candidate. So if there is a by-election, what will those voters do?

In Epsom, Rodney get 80% of ACT voters, 10% of Green voters, 10% of Labour voters, 60% of Libertarianz voters but most importantly 59% of National voters. Richard Worth got 38% of National voters and 24% of Labour voters. Rodney points out both National and Labour voters disobeyed their hierarchies.

In Wellington Central Hobbs got 77% of Labour voters voting for her, while Blumsky got 82% of National voters? So why did he lose? Well Labour’s party vote was a lot higher than National’s but also Marian got 69% of Green voters, in the Greens strongest seat.

In Nelson Nick Smith gets not only 94% of National voters, but also 14% of Green voters and 27% of Labour voters.

Peter Dunne gets support from both National and Labour. 34% of Labour voters voted for him, as did 52% of National voters. Ironically even 21% of Green voters voted for Dunne.

Anderton in Wigram has 22% of Nats vote for him but 57% of Labour voters.

In Pakuranga Williamson gets not just 84% of National voters but also 11% of Labour voters.

Taking the seven Maori seats collectively, we see 62% of Labour voters voted for Labour candidates but 30% voted for Maori Party candidates. While 85% of Maori Party voters also voted for Maori Party candidates.

And just in Tamaki-Makaurau we see Sharples got 87% of Maori Party voters but also 36% of Labour voters.

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