Split Voting Statistics

The CHief Electoral Office has now published the split voting statistics for the election.

Overall 28.7% of voters split their votes, down from 39.0% in 2002. National voters were the most ‘loyal’ with 84% of national party voters also giving National the electorate vote. Labour was at 78%.

Looking at party voters for each party, we have:

ACT: 23% also voted for ACT candidate and (sensibly) 59% for National candidates.

Green: 25% also vote for Green candidate, 57% for Labour candidates.

Maori: 73% also voted for MP candidates, 14% for Labour candidates

NZ First: Only 31% voted for NZF candidates, 32% for National cands and 20% for Labour cands – suggesting NZF voters are more centre-right.

UFNZ: 34% voted for UFNZ candidates, 16% for Labour cands and 40% for National cands.

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