Heh the naughty press

Oh you do have to appreciate the mischief that the press can get up to. Colin Espiner has a wonderful piece on the Peters issue, but what really made me laugh was when the press gallery asked, I’m sure ever so sweetly, if the PM and the Foreign Minister would be having a joint press conference. The reaction seemed to be what one would get if you asked them if they would like to contract leprosy.

Peters’ reaction was especially hilarious. He responded “Where on Earth would you see that, anywhere else in the Western world?”.

The answer of course is, well basically everywhere.

The full article is worth reading, because Espiner does a clinical fisking of Peters lies. Peters has survived for years from bluster, and it is great to see someone who will quote his own words from the previous day back at him to expose the man. Take this example:

Then he took TV3 to task for quoting him asking for “a second chance” from the public. “I did not ask for a second go or a second chance,”‘ Peters said. Yet he is on tape telling reporters the previous day: “How about giving Winston Peters a second chance?”

One can not disagree with the conclusion:

Clark and Peters will continue with the pretence that he is foreign minister for at least a while longer.

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