If it was the US, not France

I’ve been trying to imagine what the media coverage would be like if instead of black and muslim youths rioting in France, it was black youths rioting in the US for 12 days?

I imagine CNN and other media would be giving it 24 hour around the clock coverage.

I imagine there would be several dozen commentators all saying that this shows how deeply flawed, repressive and racist the US is.

I imagine there would have been at least ten days of non-stop calls for Bush to be blamed for the riots.

I imagine there would be gloating from various dictators around the world.

I imagine there would be an influx of moonbats to the areas where rioting is happening to support their oppressed brothers.

As the rioting spread from one city to many cities, the media would have invented new levels of hyperbole about how the country is now in the second civil war.

Have I missed anything? Oh yes, don’t forget how it would all be Bush’s fault again.

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