Rioting over petrol costing 12c/litre

MSN reports:

condemned the United States’ support for “rioters” in a statement issued late Sunday, after two days of violent protests in the Islamic republic against a petrol price hike.

The foreign ministry said that it was reacting to US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s “expression of support… for a group of rioters in some cities of Iran and condemned such support and interventionist remarks”.

Protests erupted in Iran on Friday, hours after it was announced the price of petrol would rise to 15,000 rials a litre (12 US cents) from 10,000 for the first 60 litres and to 30,000 rials for any extra fuel bought after that each month.

They’re rioting over the cost of petrol increasing to 12 cents a litre!! They should come to NZ where the tax alone is over $1 a litre!

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