Aucklanders to pay 25 cents a litre more petrol tax

The Herald reports:

Aucklanders face a double whammy of fuel tax hikes of about 20 cents a litre if central government fuel levy increases and a regional fuel tax are brought in, but Transport Minister Phil Twyford says he believes Aucklanders understand the need for it.

Auckland Council is expected to introduce about 10 cents a litre in regional fuel taxes to pay for its share of major transport projects and the Government’s new 10-year policy plan for transport proposes a further nationwide increase of 9-12 cents litre over three to four years.

If you include the GST on top of the this will put petrol prices up in Auckland by 25 cents a litre.

So a 50 litre car will cost an extra $12.50 to fill up, which for a weekly fill would be an extra $600 a year motorists in Auckland will pay.

And almost none of it will go on roads the motorists actually drive on.

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