Kiwiblog by E_mail!

One can now get a daily dose of , delivered by e-mail. Why? Well like PC who I stole this from, I don’t know if there is anyone out there who can’t use the web, but hey a daily e-mail works well for Public Address, so worth a try.

I am using Feed Blitz. To subscribe to this blog just scroll down the left-hand side to just below the recent comments. Enter in your e-mail address, and after you click on a link in a confirmation e-mail you’re subscribed.

Now does this mean if I blog 12 times a day, you’ll get swamped with 12 e-mails? No you get just one e-mail with an extract and link to each item I have posted since the last e-mail. So it may be useful for those who just want to check our particular items.

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