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An issue within for some time has been geographical spread of MPs, especially in terms of the five Regions of Northern, Central North Island, Lower North Island, Canterbury/Westland and Southern. One of the things the List Ranking Committee looks at si a fair spread, but it can be difficult to get it right as you make assumptions about total level of vote, and what seats one may win.

In 2002 the number of MPs per Region, plus their percentage share (and a comparison of the overall percentage seats per Region) was:

Northern 13 48 % (35%)
CNI 5 19% (18%)
LNI 2 7% (21%)
CW 5 19% (16%)
Sthn 2 7% (10%)

Total 27

So three regions about right, LNI well under the population share and Northern well over.

Now in 2005 the following net gain in seats per region was

Nthn 6 (all on list)
CNI 3 (all elects)
LNI 6 (4 elects, 2 list)
CW 3 (all list)
Sthn 3 (all elects)

Total 21

So now looking at regional distribution we have:

Northern 19 40 % (35%)
CNI 8 17% (18%)
LNI 8 17% (21%)
CW 8 17% (16%)
Sthn 5 10% (10%)

Overall this is now pretty spot on. I’d say the List Ranking Committee should be pretty pleased with the outcome, as should the new MPs of course 🙂

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