Quick students and graduates act now

Okay if you are a student or graduate with a student loan and you have made any voluntary repayments at all in the last six months, send off a request TODAY to the IRD to get the money back.

The kind people in National have highlighted the loophole that one can ask for a refund of any voluntary repayments receipted within the last six months. And with interest free loans, one can make money by getting IRD to hand the money back, and sticking it in an interest bearing bank account.

As the transcript of the House below shows Dr Cullen was totally unaware of this, but may act to close it down soon. So act quick. After all the Government campaigned on the interest free loans policy so they want you to benefit from it.

Dr Don Brash: Is the Minister aware that section 56 of the Student Loan Scheme Act 1992 permits student loan borrowers who have made voluntary repayments to request a refund of those repayments, up to 6 months after the Inland Revenue Department issues receipts for them; if so, does he think the Government

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