The Herald reports:

A Kiwi in the Kingdom says she’s a student loan exile – unable to come home to take care of her mother because she fears being arrested at the border.

The woman estimates her student loan is now more than $100,000. She blocked contact from Inland Revenue about five years ago, saying attempts to organise affordable repayments had failed and the stress was overwhelming her.

News of another student loan defaulter being arrested at Auckland Airport had left her more convinced she couldn’t come home.

feel so guilty because I have friends who did have to pay their back. really feel strongly that I want to pay a reasonable amount back, but if I start paying any back then they are going to know where I am, have my information and they are going to demand it all. And I’ll never be free of it.


Repayment are a maximum 10% or 12% of your income. She’s not willing to pay back her debt.

If she even makes a minimal regular contribution, would not have her in the potential arrest category. But if you refuse to pay s single cent, and refuse to talk to IRD, well there are consequences.

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