Responding and Pissed Off

Normally if people post comments on threads, I reply to them by commenting myself on the thread. But some of the comments on the thread about the mother who drove her two year old around pissed, need a wider audience and a full frontal response.

First of all we had “woppo” saying “does an expensively educated childless white blogger really have any concern for this woman’s offspring other than using them for a convenient political football?”

Okay, for all those who claim there is not a political correctness problem in NZ, the comment above says it all. Because I am “white” and the mother was Maori, I am not allowed to criticise or have an opinion. Never mind that my comments were made some weeks ago when the mother’s name and race was totally unknown. Oh no I am a racist because I am white. This sort of crap makes me sick to be honest.

And my not having children is somehow a factor. I look forward to all the people who have decried comments on the PM’s lack of children, expressing the same outrage on my behalf.

And what the fuck the cost of my education has to do with anything at all is beyond me.

Then “dim” basically accuses me of hypocrisy because in this case I criticise CYPFS for lack of action, while in another case I had criticised them for over reacting.

Well Dim I think the Police stuffed up with Peter Ellis, but that doesn’t mean I think they should stop arresting child abusers like Graham Capill. Your suggestion is intellectually hollow.

Russell Brown also jumps in with the moral equivalence argument that having hit your kid with a horse crop (for which you were found not guilty) is the same as driving about pissed out of your skull for several hours with a two year old in the car.

It may now have dawned on people, but that two year old should be dead. It is a minor miracle that the child is alive. If the truck driver had not managed to force them off the road, a crash was inevitable.

Now hey few of us are perfect when it comes to stuff like alcohol and judgement. But Good God this was near homicidal. And after having had your lives saved by that truck driver, you should be thanking God or Allah or whatever that you have been given a second chance, that you will never ever risk your baby again, and you should not be claiming you don’t have a problem with alcohol.

Russell then says alcoholism is a disease (which it is) as if this somehow means the kid should not be made safe. Well Russell one can be an alcoholic and still never ever drive drunk, let alone with a two year old. And frankly the fact alcoholism is a disease is irrelevant. Mental Illness is also something many people can’t control, but you wouldn’t leave kids with a mentally ill parent who badly abused their kids.

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