Select Committee Chairs

The NZ Herald has a list of the proposed select committee chairs and deputies. First advice is to ignore the deputies as significant – they have absolutely no power unless something goes badly wrong.

The other key aspect, not yet known, is whether the committee may face tied votes and hence need the chair’s casting vote [Roney advises me they no longer a casting vote]. Even without that though the chair sets the agenda and has considerable power.

National MPs look set to chair three ordinary select committees plus two specialist ones. Katherine Rich gets Commerce, Pansy Wong Government Administration and David Carter retains Primary Production. Simon Power to chair the Privileges Committee and Richard Worth Regulations Review.

Sue Kedgley has got Health which could be a major irritation to the Government. Brian Donnelly as chair of education will be moderate.

Having made every electorate or former electorate Maori MP a Minister, the Chair of Maori Affairs goes to very low profile Dave Hereroa. Shane Jones gets a big vote of confidence with Finance and Expenditure. Di Yates as chair of foreign affairs has potential disaster written all over it.

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