Select Committee Chairs

The have now elected their Chairs. This is pro-forma as in fact they were agreed to at the Business Committee. The Chairs are:

  • Economic Development, Science and Innovation: Chair: Jonathan Young (N)
  • Education and Workforce: Chair: Sarah Dowie (N)
  • Environment: Chair: Deborah Russell (L)
  • Finance and Expenditure: Chair: Michael Wood (L)
  • Foreign Affairs, Defence and Trade: Chair: Simon O’Connor (N)
  • Governance and Administration: Chair: Brett Hudson (N)
  • Health: Chair: Louisa Wall (L)
  • Justice: Chair: Raymond Huo (L)
  • Maori Affairs: Chair: Rino Tirikatene (L)
  • Primary Production: Chair: David Bennett (N)
  • Regulations Review: Chair: Jacqui Dean (N)
  • Social Services and Community: Chair: Jan Logie (G)
  • Transport and Infrastructure: Chair: Darroch Ball (NZF)

What is unusual, possibly unprecedented, is that two select committees are chaired by members of the Executive – Parliamentary Under-Secretaries Michael Wood and Jan Logie.

It is not uncommon for members of the Executive not in Cabinet to serve on select committees, but I’ve never known one to chair a select committee, let alone the powerful Finance and Expenditure Select Committee.

When the Chair is a member of the Executive, how can you have confidence the Committee will properly scrutinise the Executive?

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