Scoop has a copy of the PM’s comments in memory of David Lange, Rod Donald, Jack Luxton and John Falloon.

They also have Jim Anderton’s comments up. Now while Helen Clark’s word were gracious and basically faultless, I do have to say that I think Anderton badly misjudges by using the occasion to mark David Lange’s death to say

I was President of the Labour Party when David Lange and his supporters attempted to replace Bill Rowling in 1980.

I continue to believe that had that leadership attempt not been made, New Zealand’s modern history would have been vastly different.

Rob Muldoon’s disastrous period of government probably would have been avoided.

Anyone can have their opinion, but again to basically blame the 80s on Lange standing against Rowling, on the occasion of Lange’s death! All I say is with friends like Jim, who needs enemies.

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