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Cathy Odgers has done a post on who she knows amongst the blogosphere. It’s not a bad idea, so here’s my one. They are in order of listing on the side:

Adam Hamilton Blog – know Abbey Rd and NatChiq well through Young Nats.

Asian Invasion – Cathy Odgers – Cathy is a great mate. Met her through Paula years ago and we usually catch up when in the same city. also remember when Cathy was involved in ACT and published literally the most defamatory newsletter in the history of publishing. And yes I have a copy still.

Aaron Bhatnagar – met Aaron through politics a few years back. Have become better mates since blogging and regular catchups in Auckland.

Big News – met at blogger drinks

Capital Diary – the author is a very good mate, met through politics.

Chaucey – a former Young Nat – think I met her at a quiz night in the early days of her cross-party relationship with Michael.

Darkness – worked at Parliament with Gavin – also a mate.

Every which way – Clint Heine. Clint was head of Prebs Rebs and we met through the VSM campaign. Have been to many very very dodgy parties at his place.

Excruciating Correct Behaviour – well gave Anna her nickname of Miss Ten, so need more be said. A very close friend.

GMan – met Greg at Parliament years ago and a renewed friendship onj the WC campaign. Also involved in VSM with me.

Gonzo – met Will at the parliamentary bar a few years ago and see each other around occassionally. Fellow flag campaigners.

Gun Control – heh the man called up to ask how I get hold of a gun, when I had some concerns for my safety. Knew both him and his wife before they knew each other.

hate socialism – Gary was one of my best employees. A great guy who could take shit well.

Insolent Prick – a man have not seen for some time, but we have worked on mutual campaigns in the past.

Kiwi Pundit – met Nigel through blogger drinks. Keep meaning to catch up with more often.

Peter Metcalfe – Peter has stayed with me, and we are both old time Usenet regulars, meeting up at soc.culture.new-zealand picnics. He knows about the ostriches!

Michael Ellis – see Chaucey πŸ™‚

NZPundit. Craig and Grant are both long standing friends met through Young Nationals. Gordon was the guy who inspired me to start blogging, and met a couple of months ago in Dunedin.

Rob Hosking – know Rob from his many years at the press gallery. A top guy.

Rodney Hide – very proud to call Rodney a mate.

Ross Browne – met Ross through Young Nats and then ended up working with him in the 2002 campaign, and been friends since. A shared interest in buying more weapons of destruction.

Phil Sage – met while over in London. Had had dealings previously through National.

Silent Running – have known Kiwi Bob for many years. More recently met Murray and Bruce who are both good guys.

Sparrows – Graeme have known for a few years now through Young Nats and VUWSA stuff.

Whale Oil – have not seen the author for many years but know his family well.

The Whig – feel like I know Blair well, but not sure if we have actually met. Will do so at some stage. Oh and I forgot to mention Graham Watson. SHit where do I start – 1986 NZUSA conference first met. Then years of conspiracy through VSM. And also dealings when Graham was ACT Party Manager.

Dog Biting Men – hate them all – they mock me πŸ™‚

Lewis Holden – a fellow Republican

Simon Pound – met through blogging and TVNZ

Laws Watch – no idea who they are, but doing Gods work

Adam Gifford – never met, but used to deal with him on Internet issues when Adam wrote for the Herald. suspect Internet issues may be the only ones we agree on!

Fiona Mackenzie – heh met Fiona while heckling her at public meetings πŸ™‚

VUWSA has beens – met most of them VUWSA stuff!

About Town – met some at blogger drinks in Wgtn

Michael Wood – met at airport for two minutes!

Bloggreen Aotearoa – met several times at Parliament, at Aro Valley meeting and at the Backbencher. Apart from the fact our politics are totally incompatible, I like her πŸ™‚

Fighting Talk – met a couple of them at functions

Frog Blog – met a retired frog for coffee recently. Yet to meet all the curent frogs.

I See Red – met and worked with Tony a wee bit on the Civil Unions Bill. A good guy.

Just Left – first met Jordan in Usenet years ago. We don’t slag each other off as much as we used to! Both been involved with InternetNZ for several years and for better or worse talk to each other almost every day. Not allowed to state if we are friends or not, as it may get us both expelled from our parties. Oh yeah and his campaign kicked our ass in Wgtn Central. Bastard.

Left and Lefter – met Asher at blogger drinks.

No Right Turn – never met, but would like to. One of my favourite “opponents”

Prog Blog – a good guy, even if misguided πŸ™‚

Public Address – well a mixed bunch here. One of them thinks I am repulsive, another I met at TVNZ debate, Russell I met for lunch this year after around eight years of emails correspondence and oh yes Keith Ng I see around a bit.

Span – I don’t think I have met Span, but I feel like I know her as have heard so much about her over the years.

Tim Barnett – met at Parliament a few times – initially through Chris Carter I think. Was pleased to help him in a very small way with Civil Unions Bill.

Steven Heath – a good friend, whom I met at an InternetNZ AGM when he seconded my motion to bring in a shared registration system for .nz names. We eventually got there.

Cuba St Geek – met at some stage somewhere!

Hairy Geek – another InternetNZ mate, and a fellow director for a while on the .nz registry board. A great source of

Barzoomian (Cliff) – another from the Usenet days. Cliff was most well know for his anti MMP views.

Beautiful Monsters – I see Fionnaigh around occassionally. Again another form Usenet days – I first met her when she was a very confused teenager in Rotorua starting to come out.

Celebrating Mediocrity – not yet met Paula, but will do so at my next visit to Palmie. My favourite “nuts” blogger πŸ™‚

Enraged and Amused – Jason does secret things every Wednesday with me πŸ™‚

Looking in NZ – very happy to have been counted as a friend, even if disagreeing with former views.

Robyn’s Secret LJ – met Robyn years ago through Ihug staff, when she was a groupie πŸ™‚

Megan Campbell – met Megan when she started work at Parliament. After several weeks of friendly abuse of each other we settled down to become good mates. One of the smartest people I know and one of those people who excels at pretty much everything she does. Even worse, she’s kind and compassionate.

Jacqueline Passey – not yet met up, but have exchanged quite a few phone calls and e-mails in recent times. A cool libertarian.

Risawn – have had a postcard from Kosovo after I purchased her some books!

Sonieeee – met at a Young Libs function in Sydney when I was pretending to be the deposed PM of Estonia πŸ™‚

Apologies to any I missed. List above is not exclusive – just off the top of my head. I was surprised going through it how many I have met in real life.

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