Grrr Cars

Two bad car experiences within 12 hours.

Last night we are leaving campaign office at 11 pm (most days people are here from 8 am to 11 pm) and get in the brand new rental car. It doesn’t start so we spend an hour waiting for the CAA in a not very warm car!

Then this morning get dropped off at the campaign office in a mini-van. Open the side door to grab my gear from the back and then I feel my foot going under the wheel. Can’t work out why my leg is moving to wedge my foot under the wheel, until I realise the driver has not put the van in park and in fact the van is sliding onto my foot. By the time I realise this the van has come to complete stop on my foot and is reasonably (or very) painful. After quietly (not really) suggesting to the driver it would be useful to move the van forward, it is moved into gear and off my foot. I limp into the campaign office vowing revenge on all motor vehicles.

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