The Ten Worst Americans

Captains Quarters has published his list of the ten worst Americans. They are:

10 Jimmy Carter
9 John Walker Jr
8 Aaron Burr
7 Joe McCarthy
6 Richard Nixon
5 Stephen Douglas
4 Nathan Bedofrd Forrest
3 Benedict Arnold
2 John Wilkes Booth
1 John Edgar Hoover

His criteria were “that the status of American had to be part of their “crimes”. In other words, simply picking someone like Ted Bundy or Charles Manson would be too easy. Their evil, though real and in most cases worse than what you’ll read on this list, doesn’t have to do with their innate American heritage. I went looking for the people who sinned against America itself, or the ideal of America. Otherwise, we’d just be looking at body counts”

Excluding anyone active in the 1980s or later (so we avoid Bush. Clinton stupidities), who would be on your list? I have to say I agree with much of the above list – especially Nixon, McCarthy and Hoover. I would actually not list Carter. I might be tempted to add on Charles Lindbergh for his pro-Nazi support.

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