No blogging yesterday as I was sightseeing down in Toronto (the CN Tower) and Niagara Falls. Photos to follow.

No problems driving generally as rads are excellent, and I’ve driven the US before so used to staying on the right. Major challenge is just readjusting mentally where the sides of the car are compared to where you sit, so you centre the car better in a lane.

Anyway drive onto the expressway and the advice I had was that people tend to cruise on it at around 110 to 120 km/hr. All the speed limits and distances are in metric.

So I’m driving along happily, the speedo hitting 125 at one point, more just because one is cruising than trying to go a particular speed. It’s at this point I notice how slow a car I’ve passed is going.

I wonder if the speedo is miles per hour instead of kms/hr. It goes up to 220 so I think nah it must be kms per hour. I slow down anyway to around 70 and drive at that speed between two points, check the time vs distance and work out, oh dear it is miles per hour.

A quick further mental calculation and I estimate I could qualify as one of the PM’s drivers. Rather embarrassed I drive at 65 miles/hr for the rest of the trip. Surprised the car was so smooth I couldn’t tell the speed instinctively, but that is the problem when it is a car you have never been in before, and it is more powerful than your normal one.

Talking of the car, two nifty features not seen much in NZ. The first is automatic light settings. They detect external light and turn on or off automatically. No more battery draining. Also there was no handbrake – it is built in to the gears basically. Oh yes also cool is one can turn the engine on remotely which is a really good way to warm it up before you get in.

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