Whoops another lie from DBP

This time he denied that he had spoken to the Prime Minister about his handling of the Police Report. Not even the most naive MP or journalist believed this was possible, so he then snuck into the House in the evening to admit he had spoken to the PM about it.

Also got an admission in the House yesterday that he authorised his press secretary to leak favourable parts of the police report, and also authorised the press secretary to say that the Minister was unavailable for an interview and had no comment to make; yet he does not think that is deceptive conduct!

He publicly states the report is for the police to release, he privately writes to them asking them to delay it, he then leaks favourable extracts while at the same time saying that the media should report he has no comment, and he thinks this is not deceptive??

It should be of course no surprise that it is being reported his press secretary will keep his job. Benson-Pope would be unable to survive an employment relations authority hearing into the case.

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