DBP Update

The NZ Herald has a useful story, highlighting the four major issues of yesterday:

1) DBP no longer denies he did it, he has now changed his story to one of no recollection

2) The PM has criticised him for leaking the Police report to the HoS (ironic as he was following her example with Doonegate)

3) The Police Minister has reprimanded him for DPB’s attack on the Police, and revealed DBP has apologised to the Police

4) Press Secretary Pete Coleman is taking the fall and facing termination

Another NZ Herald story notes how pissed off his colleagues are, as even they fell for the selective leak he did from the Police report.

And somewhat surprisingly The Press in its editorial has actually called for Benson-Pope to be sacked by Helen Clark.

The Press says “Benson-Pope’s performance throughout the affair has been woeful

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