Death List

Tumeke doesn’t hold back with his death list of people he wants to die in 2006. Seems almost anyone Tim disapproves of is a Nazi, but I did have to laugh at the depiction of Kurt Waldheim as a “Nazi Nazi”.

It does remind me of a certain former National Research Unit staffer whom in the mid 1990s just as the Internet was catching on, discovered the Internet Death Clock page and got it to calculate the day on which Winston Peters was scheduled to die – based on his age, ethnicity, gender, smoking habit etc. It was some 15 years in the future.

Said staffer then put up a big A3 sign on his wall saying “Winston due to die in 5,427 days” and he updated it every morning with a fresh sign counting it down. True dedication. Sadly it had to come down after NZ First chose to go into coalition with National 🙂

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