The letter Winston would have received seven times

A reader who is on NZ has sent me a copy of the letter they receive every year from confirming their arrangements. As you can see they explicitly state your relationship status and living situation.

The rogue MSD staffer who altered Mr Peters’ application form must also have intercepted these annual letters because surely someone who is a former Treasuer of New Zealand would have immediately noticed something is wrong if he had seen a letter from MSD asking him to confirm his relationship status and living situation, and incorrectly stating them as single and living alone.

This rogue MSD staffer has a lot to answer for. I think MSD should call in the Police to try and track his or her down.

Of course it is possible that Peters did receive these letters. In which case you have to wonder what excuse he has for not responding to them.

MSDLetter by David Farrar on Scribd

UPDATE: MSD have said that not everyone gets one of these letters every years. So we don’t know how many, if any, Winston was sent. We would know of course if Winston gave a privacy waiver for MSD. Absolutely everything we have been told is what Winston says happened. MSD are gagged and unable to confirm or deny whether Winston’s version of events is correct.

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