Spy Stations

It amazes me that despite the events of September 11 there is no change in the attitude of some people towards western intelligence gathering.

In this case I refer to Keith Locke. One would think a so called peace party like the Greens would support intelligence gathering, as it saves lives and helps prevent terrorist attacks. In Sydney, in London, in Europe it all keeps people alive.

But no Locke calls NZ playing our part in intelligence gathering as a “cancerous cell”. He has called for Waikopai to be closed many times.

I usually avoid the easy cheap shots, but I really have to ask if Keith Locke is so concerned about governments collecting intelligence on citizens what was his view then of the USSR which instituted spying and monitoring of itz citizens to a level unparalled in human history.

Well back in 1980 of course he was supporting their invasion of Afghanistan.

Now yes I know he now says he was wrong. Good. He was. He is however equally wrong again this time and in fact never has someone been so wrong so often as Keith Locke on foreign affairs and defence. Hence of course he is the Green’s spokesperson on it.

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