“Top MP spied upon”

The Press report:

The Security Intelligence Service (SIS) tracked MPs as recently as 2006.

The Press understands details will emerge tomorrow about a high-profile politician who still sits in and has finally received his file from the SIS.

The MP was tracked for at least seven years.

very much doubt it was a MP. That implies a Minister or Leader.

I’ll be very surprised if it isn’t a Green MP, probably Keith Locke.

It is no surpise that the SIS used to track Locke. He supported the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan, amongst other things. Having said that, would generally expect tracking to stop if someone is an MP.

There is a certain that Helen Clark has the SIS on Green Patry MPs, if my guess is correct. can’t imagine the SIS would track an MP without approval from their Minister. The Minister can’t instruct the SIS to track an MP, but could I imagine say it is inappropriate unless there is a clear direct threat to security.

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