Faster student loan repayments

Treasury has suggested that the Government should use the tax cuts to increase the minimum repayment rate on , correctly noting that there are little incentives o pay back loans faster at 0% interest.

At present, everyone earning more than $18,000 a year must contribute 10 per cent of their earnings to repaying their loan.

officials recommend new thresholds be set at 12 per cent for people earning more than $40,000 a year and 15 per cent for those on more than $60,000.

Planned income-tax cuts would offset the effect of the increases, the Treasury said.

Sounds sensible to me. It will lead to less student debt, and faster repayment times – both something student associations have complained about.

It recommends an overhaul of the repayment scheme and measures that “could include requiring students to pass a certain number of their courses or limiting the number of years students can borrow for”.

Also sensible. Good bye to life time students.

New Zealand Union of Students’ Associations co-president Sophia Blair called the Treasury suggestions ” ludicrous”.

“This would take much-needed money directly out of the pockets of struggling families,” she said.

This is ironic. I don’t recall campaigning for tax cuts to help struggling families who earn above the average wage.

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