Bit by bit they get what they want

In 2000 the Government introduce the Employment Relations Bill. It was a draconian bill and the huge upraor from employers saw many of its worst provisions deleted before it was passed.

Then in their second term Labour brought in amendments that reintroduced many of the draconian aspects they had relucantly dropped in 2000. And then again after an uproar the select committee took out some of the worst aspects.

But now into the third term they are going for it again.

Hwo the law will work under this change is as follows. Say you have a small to medium sized business. And you employ a cleaning firm to clean your premises. Now let’s say after a year you have had crap service from the firm. The cleaners don’t do a proper job, they often forget to do stuff etc and you sack the cleaning firm after you find a new cleaning firm. However the new cleaning firm will be forced by law to hire the very same staff that were doing such a lousy job at the old cleaning firm!!

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