Pay the money back!

John Armstrong writes that a simple campaign focused on “Pay the money back” is a winner in today’s column. I agree, even though it will probably last for weeks not months as a headline issue.

The issue will be revitalised when the Police decide whether to prosecute. This may take a while as the Police can not charge a party, only people. Therefore they may need to interview all the members of Labour’s campaign committee to work out who was involved in taking the key decisions.

Key quotes from the column:

Labour’s response has made it look arrogant, cavalier with public money and cynical about the lengths it will go to stay in office.

Labour’s mistake has been to try to defend the indefensible. It has been more a case of spinning wheels than spin machine.

The party has grabbed at any passing defence. These have become increasingly bizarre as the previous ones fail to get traction.

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