Political Novels

Iain Dale has blogged his top ten political novels. Being a Brit, they obviously have a UK bias but they have some of the best political fiction. I still regard First amongst Equals by Jeffery Archer as stunning.

I’ve read five out of the ten books listed.

House of Cards needs no explanation. The best of the trilogy. Mde immortal by the TV series.

Winston’s War by the same author. I now buy all of Dodds books he is so good and as previously blogged especially like historical fiction. Compulsory for Winstonphiles.

51st state is about the UK becoming of course the 51st state of the US. Not my favourite but okay.

Black Book is a hilarious take of the Chief Whip’s black book of all the MPs misdeeds.

And Edwina Currie writes what I took to be at the time an excellent story of a young female MP having an affair with a senior MP. It later emerged it was basically here and John Major!

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