Listener takeover by NBR almost complete

I’ve always had a soft spot for both NBR and the Listener. Because both undoubtedly stood for values on the right and the left. I just look at the subject of any story in the Listener and know what tack it would take on the issue. Likewise for NBR.

I prefer which are upfront about where they come from rather than the New York Times of the world which laughably claim to be neutral and impartial.

How-ever Scoop points out that step by step the Listener is being taken over by current or former NBR staff. Some former editos must be rolling in their graves.

Scoop notes that Gordon Campbell has been made redundant and current writers are:

Deborah Hill Cone on media
Nick Smith is a staff writer
David Young is the business columnist
Graeme Hunt is a regular contributor

At this rate I am going to have to subscribe again!

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