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Morph has four jokes which aren’t bad. I like No 4 the best.

Peter Metcalfe catches Judith Tizard out in a porkie. Of course as the porkie related to Judith claiming to be busy, I doubt anyone believed her in the first place! [Update: porkie accusation retracted – Judith’s office have confirmed she was subbing on a select cmte]

Mike Heine has taken a break from getting Marian Hobbs into trouble and has some nice transcripts from question time on Whangamata Marina.

blogs on why local content quotas for radio are a nonsense.

No Right Turn keeps up his excellent efforts with details of which private members bills get drawn from the ballot and also descrptions of new bills submitted to the ballot. NRT gives far better coverage of private members bills than the media or even the main parliamentary website.

Clint Heine has details of a Dutch immigration film where they show potential migrants a topless woman emerging from the sea, and advises people that if they can’t bear to watch it, no need to apply. Heh I think I might pass!

Not a but in equally bad taste Mike M has pointed out to me the Schapelle Corby Tours website where you can arrange to visit her in prison and have a photo taken with her. I’m pretty sure it’s a joke!

Michael Ellis discovers that kangaroos are now on the loose in Austria as well as Australia. Truly.

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