Shopping for the Apocalypse

Keith Ng blogs on how his flatmates think he is nuts because he justifies every purchasing decision with “this will/will not be useful in the Apocalypse”.

Now some people may think Keith is exaggerating but as it happens I have been at Keith’s flat when he and flatties have returned from a shopping expedition, and this is literally true.

In the best student traditions they purchased everything in the largest size possible. First a 20 kg sack of rice emerges. I joke to Keith that he must be Asian!

Then they have around half a kilometre of gladwrap. You could have wrapped their flat in it. Also laying in the lounge is 72 rolls of toilet paper. Either someone has a medical condition or it should last for six months or so.

So people if the big one ever strikes Wellington head over to Keith’s. Their little bunker should be able to survive for a year or so.

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